The Language of Blogging

Blog Languages
Simply put, blogging is the simplest form of being able to explain and stress issues, topics and views in the eyes of people as they see it. If we all recall our early education days, it can be typified to a reaction paper to which we are given something to read and understand initially. Afterwards, we are asked by our professors or teachers to later on make our own evaluation on what we understood about them and in our own words.

In the same way, blogging does not always mean that it is consistent. Unless citations, hyperlinks and references are present, readers have the freedom to criticize, agree or disagree with what they actually read. A blog entry is actually a topic to which people would start discussing or debate about what they read, mostly based on their own difference in opinion.

From hereon, the discussion thread or the comments section will soon grow being filled with different opinions with varying points to which other readers can agree or disagree as well.

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Originally posted on April 18, 2007 @ 8:27 am