The Three Types of Comments

I have never known a blogger who did not value comments highly. In fact, the opposite is true. Every blogger that I know cannot hide his or his excitement over receiving even a single (legitimate) comment on a post. I am much the same way – I love getting comments, and why not? They are indicators that people are visiting my blog, are actually reading my posts, and are finding the posts interesting enough to comment.

In my effort to analyze comments and to find out how to get more of them, I came to realize that comments can be grouped into some general categories. Knowing what they are can be helpful in the sense that identifying which kinds of comments you want to get can lead you to specific measures to elicit these comments.

I think that there are three types of comments:

-comments that merely make a statement
-comments that ask questions

I favor the first two types of comments. These are written out by people and actually give you an idea on what they think about your post. I believe that they are the most useful for the blogger. One, they may contain outright suggestions that you can use to improve your posts. Two, they can give you ideas on future posts. Three, they can provide opportunities to make new friends and interact with other people. The last type of comment is still a good thing in my book – though you may not be getting anything from the trackback as you would from the two other types of comments, you still get acknowledged!

Originally posted on May 18, 2011 @ 1:17 pm