Themes on your blog and making sure they work

browsing and your layout

Using themes and templates on your blog could be fun. You get to experiment on what your blog will say about you in terms of its style and colors. There are many themes and templates to choose from.

There are other things to consider though. One of them is that they work. Here are some reminders for you to make sure your blog theme or template works. Especially after you have set it already.

All the features work fine.
If you put a calendar on the sidebar, make sure that it works. You don’t want people to click on a date and it would result in an error. Or maybe you want to show a map of the visitors of your blog. After all there are a lot of cities all over the world and they might come from any one of them. Test it and see if it’s showing up properly. One of the critical features of your blog is the comments section. There might be broken themes in Word Press. It is sometimes because you forgot to upload some files, etc. It is better that you make sure that it works.

Check if it looks fine in the different web browsers.
Not all web browsers render CSS all the same. Maybe you posted something the steps in fixing up your door and you have a list. Better make sure that your list’s bullet points and all that look fine or it could make the layout too funky. Sometimes it could be other elements. Internet Explorer is known to be quite a pain. There are some CSS properties that do not seem to work well on it.

Before you lose yourself in changing your blog’s themes, make sure they work. It will affect the blog-reading experience of your visitors.

Originally posted on July 9, 2006 @ 2:29 pm