Tips to boost your Reading Skills

We must also sharpen our reading skills as well as our writing / blogging skills, because we all know that if we can’t read properly or wisely we can’t extract information from the things that we have just read, so we have to also improve our reading skills because what if we read a very long post, although it’s informative we could easily get bored reading it, thereby missing some of the details which would be beneficial to us. Now I ask you “Would you go to war with only your gun and a round of ammo?”. I think not. So better be equipped, Here are some reading tips for you.

Don’t read word for word, but browse and look at 2-4 words at a time. By doing that you are able to finish reading the article quickly and be able to store it in your mind effectively, and can be recalled easily. The Idea of reading it by chunks of 2-4 words is to easily get to the part which is the main gist of article, as in researching, you look for the clues that you find while your reading, it’s a lot like “skim reading” or “skimming”.

Try reading the first paragraph, then the last paragraph then you can easily have a mental picture of the article, that would make it easier for you to read the rest of the article because you already know its meaning or main idea. This type of reading can be useful when your searching the article for titles,dates, names of places and such.

Originally posted on September 28, 2007 @ 6:45 pm