Understanding The Benefits of Guest Posting

If you have been browsing blogs for quite some time, you’ve probably encountered guest posts. The idea behind guest posting is simple – a person contributes to another blog which does not belong to him. So why would people want to post an entry in someone else’s blog? More so, why would you want someone else to post an entry in your blog?

From the point of view of the guest blogger, posting an entry in another blog is a good form of exposure for him. He gets to write an article, post in under his name, and reach a different set of people. More than this, the blogger can also have the chance to create backlinks for his own blog. However, one does not simply go around guest blogging. There are certain things to consider – first and foremost would be whether or not the blog owner would let you guest post!

Another consideration that you should look at would be the quality of the blog that you want to post in. Of course, the blog has to be somehow relevant to your field of expertise. If you want to benefit from the backlink, a blog with a respectable PR would also be good. This means that the blog that you want to post in should have a wide readership already.

Herein lies the problem – why should the blogger allow you to write in his or her blog? Indeed, why would anyone want someone else to post in his blog? Let us take a look at this in the next post.

Originally posted on May 25, 2008 @ 3:51 pm