Using Supplementary Images to Spice Up Your Blog

Nightshot Taipei

Blogging is not purely about writing. It is about effectively expressing what a person wants to get across. While not really a requirement, images and photos help viewer to get the immediate or initial idea of what the blog entry wants to expound on.

More and more bloggers today either borrow, link or upload their own images depending on the theme or intent of the entry that is made. There are some bloggers who would not include images, relying on content to carry the bulk of the optimization procedures that are known today. While such may be a good practice, not all people are fond of taking time and reading everything without something to give them an idea to start with.

Photos used may become additional points for consideration. For one, trying to express written content through images or pictures is not easy since expression can come in different ways. The best that people can do is come close to what the exact message/s that the entry is all about and leave the rest at the hands of the visitors of the site for judgment.

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Originally posted on January 14, 2007 @ 6:36 pm