Voices Carried Thru Blogging

Blogging has been getting quite some attention lately and the bottom-line of it all is the fact that blogging holds a lot of what a person holds in his mind, mostly expressions he or she holds back most of the time. There is no question that most people hesitate to let their voices be heard, apparently being wary of possible violent reactions from people who know more about particular areas and do not accommodate any points that would not have sufficient claims.

Blog Discussions

Blogs are not meant to replace the usual definitions and terminologies that all of us are very much educated on today. They are mostly insights that expand beyond what bloggers want to put across. Blogs are flexible enough to note that viewpoints may not be accurate, but it is for the sake of argument to which they are being made.

They may not be perfect in extracting points and views but the bottom line is that they too are after clarification. This is one of the purposes of blogs and people just have to broaden their patience for such.

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Originally posted on April 29, 2007 @ 2:17 pm