What Do Readers Expect from Blogs?

Relevant information over the web will always be the first thing put into consideration when people need to gather data and pertinent information regarding a certain issue or subject matter. Rather than searching the usual newspapers and known reference materials such as the World Atlas and Encyclopedias, search queries over the web are preferred for the reason that they are updated and would eventually be pointed towards equivalent sources put up over the Internet.


Technically, blogs are indirect gateways towards the reference sites. They are expanded explanations with author insights regarding subjects that include business, education, history and current events. Citation and links are usually provided as needed to give the proper credit for immediate people who have done most of the hard work. Blogs usually become the point of exchange where information seekers and information providers would finally be mixed and matched from any part of the world today.

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Originally posted on February 19, 2007 @ 2:59 pm