What is a blogroll?

sample blogroll
This is an example of a blogroll.

On today’s blog entry, the focus would be blogrolls.

What is a blogroll?
It is a list of blogs. You typically see it on the sidebar, that or on a separate page.

Why should you put up a blogroll?
There are different reasons people put up blogrolls. One of the common reasons is that these are the recommended blogs. Aside from that, it could be a listing of friends in the blogosphere (or the world of blogs). Some people use their blogroll as bookmarks of sorts. Because they are already there, they could simply click on the other links as they surf the internet.

Are there any special permissions needed to put someone on your blogroll?
Generally, no. After all, you are basically saying that the blog is one of your recommendations.

What are the qualifications so that a blog could be added to a blogroll?
It is actually up to you, the blogger. It could be that your blogroll would mainly be composed of your friends. It could also be that your blogroll is a list of blogs about your country or whatever topic you are interested in like pets.

What about link exchanges?
Sometimes other bloggers put up a page dedicated to getting your contact information and feedback, especially those who would like to exchange links with them. If this is the case, maybe it is best that you email the person in charge.

Whatever your reasons are for putting a blogroll, it does not matter much. It really varies from one person to another.


Originally posted on July 21, 2006 @ 12:26 am