What is Needed for a Good Blogging Experience

Blogging needs commitment of both time and energy. The look and the functions of your site must be well-maintained as well as the content of your posts. Also you need these factors for a good blogging experience, so you’ll be like the Energizer bunny…it keeps, going and going and going… Let’s say you want to be the “Energizer Blog Bunny” you want to keep blogging, and blogging and blogging… Ingredients for Good Blogging Experience (GBE) Finding the Right Focus Finding the Right Focus or your groove or your jam – a very, very part in a good blogging experience writing because it lets you work endlessly and it’s better than pacing nervously across the room to get the flow of fresh new ideas that can help you writing great articles. Finding your groove dictates the flow of your writing, and makes the job easier and enjoyable. Finding the focus maybe the time of your posting, the music you listen to, the emotions you’re having as of right now, it all depends on you if you’re productive on a certain state. Look for the right time to make articles, whether it’s in the morning or late in the evening, also if you are easily distracted it’s better you do your writing on your own personal space (in a room, den, balcony) where there is less distraction from other sources. I, on the hand work best if my surroundings are chaotic like a rock concert is being held on my “danger room”, my instant messenger is always online, my mobile phone rings constanly like a radio station’s hotline, I leave the TV on and listen to rock, punk, reggae, ska music to get my groove and increase my productivity. Distraction : a poison During blogging madness, you may find yourself constantly distracted by things around you like thoughts of your girl (or your special “someone”),the television, music that reminds you of your girl, your instant messenger while waiting for your girl, your mobile phone, although it’s best, if you work inspired or in love, but if overly done to the point of obsession you lose your edge, and it leads to distraction. Distraction leads to the loss of concentration, hence blogging turns into a chore. That’s is why Distraction is a poison. Your Commitment You need commitment in what your doing, if you promise to do it. Work your way to finish it, as if your life depends on it. Be organized like making daily blog tasks which are attainable, put it in a spreadsheet so you can work out a good schedule. Lay out all your schedules and work it out until you find a easy to follow schedule that can be easily achieved. Good time management, keeps you focused on the task at hand.

Originally posted on March 28, 2008 @ 10:37 am