What To Blog About

Now that you have a blog, what do you write about?

You should have actually thought about that before you created your blog! Just kidding.

Let’s assume, however, for the purposes of this article, that you just wanted to get into blogging without putting real thought on it You went to blogger.com, wordpress.com or whatever free blogging software is available. You signed up and now have a blog platform ready and waiting for you. You open the “write” tab, stare at the computer screen, and think of what to write about.

Let’s talk about purpose. WHY did you start a blog in the first place? Is it for extra money? Or did you plan on blogging just to let your rants out to the world? Perhaps it’s just a diary for yourself?

If it’s for money, blog about something important. Think of what other people in the world might not know about. Information is the commodity online so providing relevant, useful and practical info could get your blog noticed easily. Getting traffic gets you money. For example you can write about the following:

  • A famous restaurant that you frequent in your area. Talk about how you liked or disliked the food and service. Take pictures and express how you felt.
  • Talk about a movie or TV show that you recently saw. Become a critic. Give your insights on how it could be better or why you liked it.
  • A famous personality that you interviewed or met. Tell your readers how it was meeting this celebrity.

This are very popular topics that get blog traffic easily.

If your blog is for you rants and opinions, consider writing about:

  • Political issues – be vocal about what you think should be done for you. Think of how the government should work and tell other people about it.
  • Catching people on video or pictures – If you have a digital camera, you can upload videos on youtube and embed it on your blog. Look for instances where you see cases of bloopers or perhaps even graft and corruption. Take pictures of policeman getting bribes when you can.

Blogs are also online diaries. People tend to write about their thoughts and experiences just to express themselves. It is a form of stress release. You can write about very personal topics such as:

  • Regrets in life
  • Personal goals in life
  • Daily thoughts

What’s great about personal blog writing is – there are no rules. There is no editor to change your content. You decide what to write and eventually publish.

There are a whole lot more things you can write about. My personal rule – just write it. Start with a word, then a sentence and complete the paragraph. Eventually you will finish an article. You can always edit and revise it later.

Originally posted on May 30, 2007 @ 5:10 am