What to do with Old Posts

Here’s a cool tip, I do this often and love doing it. Republishing old posts, updating them and/or combining two or three of my good hard-hitting old posts into one cool article.

What I usually do is I go over my old posts, read them and see if can come up with new wacky ideas to add to it.
And by combining two-three old posts, and turning them into one fantastic blog post. You make your old post new and your new post, well much more new and exciting. Now in theory, combining two ideas together can make one interesting idea. So if you also do it in your posts combine two or three of your good articles, you can make an interesting post that is full of ideas and your opinion, plus updating it to fit the current situation will do wonders to your blog and your blog writing. With that much information you bombard the readers of your blog, than they can handle, you can expect a return visit or your blog being bookmarked. In turn, your blog would gain traffic, popularity and prestige as a blogger. Ok, I’m exaggerating about the prestige part. But it’s a start.

Originally posted on August 29, 2007 @ 11:42 am