Why Images Can Spice Up Blog Entries


Although it is not a required practice, images can help boost the message of blog entries, assuming of course that they cover the whole essence of the blog entry being made. Relevance of images have made the entire entry manageable and understandable and such practice is something that has been done by most probloggers active on the web today.

There are millions of free images available on the web. But the best practice is to take own picture that express the point of the message being sent across. This is better than hyperlinks since some people are not to keen with being linked towards sites without permission.

Also, there is the chance that these images may be deleted after some time, something that will indeed cause problems for linking websites or blogsites. Hence it would be best to store them at the actual websites or free picture hosting sites such as Image Shack of Flickr.

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Originally posted on April 13, 2007 @ 10:44 am