Write a Good and Effective Title

Writing a good, effective title encourages visitors to read your blog post/article, it must also catch the readers attention, also help search engines find your article or blog post. The title and/or headline on your post must attract readers, you must hypnotize the readers into reading your post. Your title must demand attention to your readers, and also entice them to read your whole story.

Make your titles easy to understand and searchable. Nobody wants to read an article if the reader can’t search for your title, or even understand your title. For example, it’s better to put a title “How to Cook Chicken Parmesan ” than making the title “how to cook dinner” so the first one will give you a more relevant search and it also helps if you have better understanding on How People Search the Web and How They Can Find Your Blog. Think Like a reader, do it for the readers, how they search, what keywords you think they might use to be able to get to your article and read it.
As Stated on this post, which kind of an eye-opener for me, Writing Effective, Attention-Getting Headlines and Titles on Your Blog.

Originally posted on November 29, 2007 @ 10:00 am