Writing and Blogging (Part 2)

So there I was thinking about the possible differences between writing and blogging and whether or not bloggers are a breed apart from writers…Until now, it is still a bit ambiguous to me. All I have to hold on to are the insights that I came across in my search for an answer to my dilemma.

3. Writing focuses a lot on the content and the way the content is presented to the readers of the blog. Punctuation, sentence structure, word usage – all these are elements of good writing. Writer or blogger, it doesn’t matter – blog posts should be correct in this respect, or at least “decently proper” if there is such a term.

4. Formatting may not be a writer’s concern but when it comes to blogging, it is of utmost importance. Font style and size, images, the background, and other form-related elements should be part of a blogger-writer’s agenda. I think this was my main “problem” – I tended to focus on the writing part and forgot about the visuals. I would try to make sure that I got the writing elements down pat and then I would totally ignore how the post would look like.

5. Striking a balance is the best course of action. Labels are nothing. Are you a blogger or a writer? I just don’t find myself subscribing to this idea. I think that blogging is a complex juxtaposition of these two entities – and that is the beauty of blogging. Write well and present the content well (visually) – that, I think is a good course to take.

Any thoughts?

Originally posted on October 29, 2007 @ 7:20 am