Get Ready to Ride the (Google) Wave

Google Wave has not hit the market yet but, from what I’ve seen in the developer preview, once it does you’d better be ready for one huge ride. Dubbed as the “email as it would be had it been invented today instead of forty years ago”, Google Wave is out to revolutionize the way we communicate/collaborate online. A “wave” is both a conversation and a document in one. It’s your email, chat box, online document, developer API, and more all at the same time. Google Wave is so powerful that until it is out (right now it’s still in beta and is only accessible to developers) and we’ve tried it for ourselves it’s really hard to explain (and grasp) what it can do for us. So now that I’ve raved about Google Wave let me explain what it has to do with blogging. Although it was a relatively minor part in the developer preview, one of the things that caught my attention was the integration of waves in Blogger. Due to the integration of Google Wave to Blogger, blogging will be easier in terms of accessibility both to bloggers and readers, especially those interested in keeping up with the comment section. Blog posts and comments will appear as waves in a person’s Wave account allowing a blogger to not only post entire blog posts (including pictures) via his/her Wave account but also to keep track of comments and reply via the same account. No need to login to Blogger to do this! The same goes for the readers/subscribers. They can see replies to their comments via their Wave account. Of course, all blog posts and comments can still be seen in the actual blog URL. Details on how bloggers will be affected/benefited by Google Wave is still pretty sketchy but since, as mentioned earlier Google Wave is also an API then we can be sure that developers will soon be coming up with cool and useful stuff – both blog related and not.

Originally posted on August 18, 2009 @ 4:03 am