Improving Your Blog in 2008

The New Year is about resolutions, isn’t it? Have you made yours yet? Well, at least those pertaining to your blog. One thing that can be said about the blogosphere is that it is constantly changing. Your blog may be good, but it can always be better. There is always room for improvement! If you […]

More Tips on Coming Up with Topics

Here are more great (and simple!) ways to get your brain juices flowing and write that fantastic post. Look into comments This could actually work both ways. You can try digging deeper into the comments that your readers have posted in your blog and get your ideas for other posts from them. Alternately, you can […]

Be More Productive With These Writing Tips

How are you when it comes to productive writing? Do you find yourself spending an hour or two on a simple and short article? Do you find yourself always lagging behind on your writing schedule? Don’t worry if you do – everyone experiences these things every now and then. However, you do not have to […]

When You Are Short Of Time (Continued)

Have you determined that block of time that you would dedicate to writing? I told you in my last post that I write early in the morning, right? It still is my default time but lately I have been having a hard time waking up! That’s why the weekend seems to be what is working […]

Be Unique and Unpredictable

How long have you been maintaining and writing your blog? I bet that when you first started, you were all excited and you couldn’t wait to post each new entry in your blog. More so, you probably had a new idea for each and every post and you probably had a new angle for each […]

Increase Productivity – Consider Your Tools

This is the last installment for our series on increasing your writing productivity. In the previous posts, we’ve been focusing on ourselves as writers. We took a look at how we think and how we do things – in all cases, the point of view was directed towards ourselves. This time, why don’t we take […]