On Making Citations from Borrowed Phrases and Words

Most of the ideas that bloggers would use to be able to create essential and sensible blog entries would originate from a past or present article/post. It maybe even something that was mentioned by word of mouth. Information or expounding on certain topics ideally originate from these things and thus due recognition and citations to […]

WordPress Plugin: Sig2Feed

Have you ever experienced those annoying blog spammers and content scrapers? These are basically sites that get the contents off an RSS feed and re-publish it as their own. One way of battling these is by inserting a short signature on each post that your RSS feed publishes, possibly including a short note and link […]

Blogger (without the beta)

The beta has been removed from Blogger, and it’s finally feature-complete. That means that not only are the interfaces available in a few other languages (French, Italian, German and Spanish so far), it also means the long-awaited ftp support is finally here. Also all new accounts are not created in Blogger beta. New bloggers can […]

The Growing Blogsphere. Expression in Opression

In oppressive countries, such as Iran (which shut down almost all independent newspapers in 2000), blogs have provided a way for journalists and others to express themselves and share the latest news and happenings. But speaking up in such places often has serious consequences, such as one blogger in Iraq who was jailed by authorities […]

The Growing Blogsphere. 14 Million And Counting

The “blogosphere” is continuing to grow at an amazing pace. In fact, the number of published blogs is expected to double about every five months. Right now, there is a new blog published every second, according to Technorati, the search engine that keeps track of Weblogs. In March there were over 7 million blogs, that […]

Blogging Is Good For Kids!!

Here are seven reasons why blogging is good for your kids-: 1. Responsibility/Commitment – Daily Posts Regular updates require children to be disciplined and responsible. 2. Communication – Increased Communication with Friends and Relatives Blogging or journaling gives children the opportunity to connect with relatives who might live some distance away, communicating important timely issues. […]