Finding Your Niche

Although it is much easier not to constrain yourself to a specific theme every single week, when it comes to blogging, creating a niche is essential. Blogs that do not have themes just don’t have a chance at success since readers come back for a reason – to read something they are interested in. It […]

Guest Blog Your Way to More Readers and Links

I have done a few posts on guest blogging. Other bloggers here in blog-tutorials like Jaren and Guru have also posted about the same topic. However, the usual focus is on the benefits of having a guest blogger, with the most obvious being helping you out when you’re in a rut or need to take […]

Taking a Breather: Say Bye to Your Blog but Not Your Readers

Having a blog is like having a pet when it comes to taking some time for off. If you want to go on a vacation and has declared it a “blog-free” vacation you should make sure that the blog still gets tended. After all if you have a baby you won’t just leave it alone […]

Using MyBlogLog And Blog Catalog

I talked about how you can use Twitter to attract more people to your blog in the previous post; people who might not even know that you exist otherwise. There are other ways by which you can gain that much needed and much desired exposure for your blog and one of them is by joining […]

Why Use Social Media?

Very recently, I wrote a post on using social media to promote your blog. What I didn’t really touch on was the main purpose of using social media. Indeed, why spend considerable time on these social media applications when you can use that time to actually work on your blog? The answer is simple – […]

How Often Do You Read Other Blogs?

This question popped into my mind while I was talking to another blogger friend. We both blog a lot – in fact, she maintains several blogs at the same. However, when we started talking about other blogs that we read, she gave me an almost blank look. Her unspoken question was “Do you really read […]