Blog Freely, Blog Wisely

There are no barriers towards blogging as we all know by now, but each person should know what they are talking about. While the freestyle of an approach may indeed be something for consideration, the fact remains that people blog to unwind and share opinions and views with other people for the sake of expanding […]

Using the Best Blog Post Excerpts

The front page representation of most blog sites would depend largely on the preference of the person in charge for the blog. In most cases, a few lines or excerpts from the actual blog entry would be used since people can get a good overview of what the entry is all about. For this manner […]

Blogging on Installments

Blogs were never known to be composed in lengthy proportions. They are tagged more as insights rather than informative reference posts. Bloggers would usually cut them into parts where a certain topic would be focused for some time, usually to help expound on a specific are of interest that would normally not be covered in […]

One Point Of View Generates Blog Information

If there is one unique thing about blogging, it is that of sharing views and opinions that will hold relevant and important information for the use of other people. While the usual references such as text books and general media will always be around to provide the basic and collected information from past events, the […]

What Do Readers Expect from Blogs?

Relevant information over the web will always be the first thing put into consideration when people need to gather data and pertinent information regarding a certain issue or subject matter. Rather than searching the usual newspapers and known reference materials such as the World Atlas and Encyclopedias, search queries over the web are preferred for […]

Learning from Blog Comments and Interaction

Blogging is not mainly a one way stream of blurting out the things that go around in the mind of a person. It is also about inheriting various insights and ideas from another person’s point of view that may or may not share the same belief on certain areas for consideration. Again, most blogs rely […]