Alt-Tags: For Spiders and the Visually Impaired

Lots of people underestimate the importance of Alt-Tags. Even though SEO experts time and again stress the importance of Alt-Tags many still do not bother with it at all, or if they use it, do not consistently do so. To be honest, I belong to the inconsistent group. Alt-tags ARE very important. SEO-wise the absence […]

Add pictures to your Blog

Here’s a cool blog tip. Try add pictures relevant to your post to make it more appealing and more attractive to other readers. If you can add you own homemade video the better. Pictures add dept to your posts makes it more exciting and more true. Although an overload of pictures on your post may […]

Where to Get “Supporting Blog Content”

As bloggers, it’s our responsibility to come up with original and informative articles. However, our pen (or keyboard, that is) do fail us from time to time, and we need inspiration for our blog posts. A good answer to this problem would be the earlier Blog Tutorial on where to get more blog topic ideas. […]

A few reminders on third-party Image Hosting

If you have a blog that’s hosted in, or Blogspot, or any other free* service, or if you have unlimited resources, that is, truckloads of money to pay for all that uncapped web space, you may be least likely concerned about the gigabytes that images can easily consume from what you have arranged with […]

Two Design Tactics To Improve Your Blog Income

Adsense is one of the most popular ways to monetize your blog. Two of the most popular Adsense advertising tactics that became widespread last year were: 1. Putting Adsense Ads beside images 2. Blending the design You earn money on Adsense through clicks. Whenever a visitor clicks on the ad, revenue from advertisers is credited […]

Maximizing Stock Photography

Stock photography is the general term for photographs that are readily found in repositories whether in the real world or over the internet … there are literally millions of stock photos in the internet and there are a lot of sites that give them out for free. Those sites who charge for their service often compensate photographers and artists for use of their images.