Blogging to be Different

People who blog will always have something different to share. Specializing in a certain category will bring out the best in most bloggers since they are actually focusing on something that many people would love to know about. It is never a good thing to be in a dispersed type of a style where a […]

Choosing Your Blog Layout

Aside from quality content, the overall presentation is also important such as the blog layout and theme chosen. In most cases, the default schemes offered would be the first ones shown. While various blog themes catering towards that of WordPress are being developed continuously, bloggers would still prefer free themes at first. Colors, schemes, layouts […]

Using Supplementary Images to Spice Up Your Blog

Blogging is not purely about writing. It is about effectively expressing what a person wants to get across. While not really a requirement, images and photos help viewer to get the immediate or initial idea of what the blog entry wants to expound on. More and more bloggers today either borrow, link or upload their […]

Embedding Pictures and Videos on your Blog

      The trend today is to place enhancements such as music, pictures and videos to provide another form of entertainment to catch a reader’s attention. Videos have been the new fad that most people have added to their usual entries and such has truly made blog sites more appealing to date. The more […]

Creating user pictures for your blog

There is a person behind every blog. You might be a student who likes talking about computers or a pet owner who likes raving about your dog. These things are reflected on your blog. Sometimes, people get curious as to what you look like and if they already saw you on the street. Not everyone […]

AdSense Placement – Upper Left is Best

When you’re running a website, whoever is surfing it is staring at the screen…but where? One of the biggest questions for website designers is, “Where are the user’s eyes looking?” Where do your eyes go when you read articles on the Web? What do you notice and what do you miss? Well, we’ve got some […]