Add a favicon to your blog

It is great to have your blog as something distinct from the rest of the other blogs in the blogosphere. Be it in the way it looks via the template or the way you converse with your readers, there’s something about a blog that exudes the aura of the person behind it. And there are […]

Knowing your WordPress theme

The beautiful thing about WordPress is that you more or less have a structured theme, sort of, so you have an idea that certain files will exist like the index.php, sidebar.php, header.php, footer.php, single.php, style.css, etc. These also correspond to the main parts of your WordPress theme so it’s really not difficult to manage. Changing […]

WordPress themes: A gentle introduction

If you are a WordPress user, you could definitely have a lot of fun playing around with the themes so you could change the way it looks. If you haven’t tried it, let me tell you some things about it. Changing WordPress themes If you have a account, you can choose from the different […]

To use widgets or to not use them

WordPress users have the option to use widgets. These are nice to use because from the Admin panel, you could play around with the sidebar’s components. Your WordPress blog is a really interesting thing to play with. You have so many options. There are themes that you could choose from online and you could tweak […]

Start blogging: Overcome your shyness!

Feeling shy? Don’t be! Even if you are not confident with your writing skills, you can start blogging. I have friends who tell me that they know other people who began blogging with almost no knowledge of it, of html and css. Now their acquaintances are blogging comfortably. So what does that mean? You can […]

Buttons add links and pizzazz to your blog

Links are awesome because you find ways to share your favorite reads and the blogs of your friends. Sometimes you might have such long blogrolls already. On the other hand, buttons might spice up your blog and also advertise what kind of sites you like visiting or what kinds of online services you are using […]