Single Big Blog vs. Numerous Niche Blogs? Or Both?

Over at Performancing, Ahmed Bilal posts about the argument between running one big blog about a wide array of topics, or numerous blogs that focus on specific niches. He presents the pros and cons to both. A single big site benefits from economies of scale, is cost-effective, allows for a focused use of resources, requires […]

Should You Give Up Your Day Job to Blog?

It is very easy to be dazzled by all the stories of people who are supposed to be earning so much from blogging. So dazzled in fact that many believe that blogging is so lucrative and easy to do that they can leave their day jobs without much thought. Many end up regretting their decision […]

What is Needed for a Good Blogging Experience

Blogging needs commitment of both time and energy. The look and the functions of your site must be well-maintained as well as the content of your posts. Also you need these factors for a good blogging experience, so you’ll be like the Energizer bunny…it keeps, going and going and going… Let’s say you want to […]

Blogging and Communication

Blogging is both an endeavor of creativity and communication. Communication as we know it, can be defined in a very broad sense involves not only written (blogs) and oral speech (podcasts), but also music, the pictorial arts, audio-video, and in fact all human behavior, and yes it can even be relating our point of view […]

A Blogger’s Responsibility

One of the greatest things that the Internet has brought to writers is that they had been given the freedom to express themselves, sans the strictures and the censorship that editors can bring them. But there are downsides to this freedom, too. Because anyone can very well say anything to the general public, and a […]

Blogging, Blogging and more Blogging

Procrastination is a common problem of all people, in particular, bloggers. Sometimes, we get lost in our research and end up surfing the net for things that are totally unrelated to what we’re supposed to write about. Other times, we just put off writing altogether. I have been hiding on my apartment for about a […]