Addressing Duplicate Content: Part 1

We all know the dangers of duplicate content and how search engines can penalize you for duplicate content. In my post entitled “Strike that Page from the Index” I discussed one of the ways to address duplicate content and avoid being penalized for it. There I mentioned how you can block some pages from being […]

Strike that Page from the Index

That’s right. Strike that page from the index. More often than not people get so wrapped in up getting ALL of their pages indexed by websites that they commit one of the most common SEO mistakes – having ALL of their web pages indexed. When aiming to be indexed the right approach is to have […]

Plain Wording and SEO

In my last post I talked about the importance of targeting your niche market by using more specific keywords. By using specific terms instead of just generic ones you are able to get more traffic from search users that these terms bring. In Mark Jackson’s article on “Optimizing Pages for New and Improved Search Engine […]

Targeting your Niche Market: Importance of Specialized Keywords

Targeting specific keywords in order to get more traffic from search engines is what SEO is mostly about. The question is and has always been which keywords to concentrate on. In the past, and even now, SEO experts focus on more generic keywords like travel, watches, pet care, etc. While these keywords are important, since […]

Single Big Blog vs. Numerous Niche Blogs? Or Both?

Over at Performancing, Ahmed Bilal posts about the argument between running one big blog about a wide array of topics, or numerous blogs that focus on specific niches. He presents the pros and cons to both. A single big site benefits from economies of scale, is cost-effective, allows for a focused use of resources, requires […]

A Quick Look at Some Successful Link Baits

Informative Hook Jennifer Laycock’s “Zero Cash, A Little Talent and 30 Days” Project Ok so it started with a forum post at SmallBusinessBrief and not a blog post. However the project gave rise to The Lactivist, which was proof that the project did work. The project became popular for several reasons: 1. The title is […]