Review: Logical Media

Logical Media is one of the innovative services that pay for ad placement within blogs. Do you have a blog and are you seeking a way to make additional money from the blog? Are you seeking a way to offset other programs with the use of ads? Through the registration with Logical Media, the blogger […]

Is Pay Per Post Worth It?

I have written about pay per post in the past and I am not talking only about the platform going by that name – I am referring to the practice in general. My opinion has not really changed, I still think that it is alright to engage in pay per post practices as long as […]

How To Find Top Blogs In Your Niche

We talked about the importance of identifying the best blogs in the niche you are targeting in the previous post. To recap, it is important to do so because you can learn a lot from the best blogs. You can check out what they are doing right – and wrong – and learn from those […]

More On Paid Posts: PayU2Blog

We have been talking about paid posts in the past couple of posts. In the previous post, I featured PayPerPost, one of the most – if not the most – popular paid post platform today. Another platform that I use is PayU2Blog. I think they have been around for quite some time as well and […]

More On Paid Posts: PayPerPost

We have to face it – blogging is a good way of making a little money here and there. Though there are some people who see posting paid entries as unethical or unacceptable, this practice has a strong following. If you do not agree with paid posts, that is totally find with me. For those […]

Building your blog brand step by step

Building your blog’s brand does not need to be difficult. However, when it comes to branding you should always remember to exert effort to be consistent with the image you wish to portray or you’ll end up with confused, turned-off, and/or skeptical readers. Branding inconsistencies will make it obvious that the image you’re putting up […]