A Friend In Need

I’m helping out my friends from the UA&P – IShareHappiness Blog Team. Whenever you feel pessimistic, angry, troubled, frustrated, and depressed – what have you – you need someone to talk to. Someone who could help you be more optimistic and help make you feel that there is hope. Sometimes it’s hard to talk to […]

Blog Demographics With pMetrics

As promised, this column will be about the potential treasure trove of information that one can gain through the use of software and services that enable bloggers and web developers to assess and survey their readership. Just like anything in life, those who choose to be learners get an edge by using every bit of […]

Embedding Youtube The Easy Way

Just like that, your video will be embedded without the hassles of Wordpress altering the code the next time you edit it. If you’re fine with hard coding Youtube videos into your blogs the hard[er] way, be my guest. But if you’re one of those who would rather take the easy route in things like embedding videos, this plugin is exactly the one you need.