Quality links are better than plentiful links

If your site is going to compete on the internet, you need to attract the right kind and right amount of inbound links. Without links, a site is essentially floating alone in the closely connected world of the net. The search engines certainly view sites in this way. Without some allowance for links, your SEO […]

Social media optimization: Continuity and Change

Social media optimization is getting a lot of attention at present, and especially in relation to how it can complement conventional SEO efforts. The massive audiences which frequent the likes of Facebook and Twitter are proving irresistible magnets to firms. Social media marketing experts are keen to offer their advice on what has become an […]

Search Rank Drop and False Alarms

Happy Holidays! What are the chances of someone being concerned about their blog’s search ranking dropping on Christmas Eve? I have no idea but then again if I’m writing about it right now then there’s probably someone somewhere around the world doing SEO at this very minute. If you have experienced a sudden drop in […]

Building your blog brand step by step

Building your blog’s brand does not need to be difficult. However, when it comes to branding you should always remember to exert effort to be consistent with the image you wish to portray or you’ll end up with confused, turned-off, and/or skeptical readers. Branding inconsistencies will make it obvious that the image you’re putting up […]

Linkbait: How Much and How Often?

We would all love to be such great bloggers that each and every post would be considered by other bloggers worhty enough to mention and link to. Realistically though it is impossible to come up with a post that hundreds or even just dozens will link back to each and every day. If you keep […]

The Blogger’s Guide to SEO

One of the best holistic guide to optimising a blog is Aaron Wall’s Blogger’s Guide to SEO. It is not the most in-depth guide but it covers all the basics (and a bit more) and is written in a such a way that even newbies in SEO will definitely understand. The guide also links out […]