Linkbait: How Much and How Often?

We would all love to be such great bloggers that each and every post would be considered by other bloggers worhty enough to mention and link to. Realistically though it is impossible to come up with a post that hundreds or even just dozens will link back to each and every day. If you keep […]

The Blogger’s Guide to SEO

One of the best holistic guide to optimising a blog is Aaron Wall’s Blogger’s Guide to SEO. It is not the most in-depth guide but it covers all the basics (and a bit more) and is written in a such a way that even newbies in SEO will definitely understand. The guide also links out […]

Blog SEO: Keyword Tools (WordTracker)

One of my all time favourite keyword tool to use is WordTracker. I used it before I even discovered Google Keyword Tool and continue to use it whenever I need a good analysis of keywords. Note though that when I talk about Wordtracker I am not referring to their Free Keyword Suggestion Toolbecause quite frankly […]

Blog SEO: Keyword Tools (Google Keyword Tool)

On my last post I discussed the importance of choosing the keywords with which you want to optimise your blog for. It IS however, pretty hard to choose which keywords you should use without any help. Thankfully there’s plenty of keyword tools available on the internet. When using keyword tools though remember that you should […]

Own Domain = Serious Blogger?

As I was going about my daily business of browsing blogs, I realized that a lot of bloggers are actually proponents of the “get you own domain” movement. Though the tag may not be existent, the movement may very well be real. I have come across a lot of posts encouraging people to get serious […]

Blogrolls and SEO

When it comes to updating the blogroll, whether to add new blogs or delete old ones, many bloggers actually never come around to doing it often enough. The reason for this is simple, if you have lots of blogs you like managing your linklist can be a headache. It’s one thing to subscribe through an […]