Learning SEO: Official Search Engine Blogs

If you are into SEO and plan on reading blogs then it is plain silly to miss out on what you can learn from the official blogs of the top search engines – Google, Yahoo, Ask, and MSN. Although not everything on the blog will be about SEO nor even relevant to SEO keeping yourself […]

SEO-Browser: Quick SEO Checker

If you want to know how search engine crawlers see your site you should try using SEO-Browser. I know it’s a bit geeky but I actually like entering random sites into this very useful tool and seeing how optimised they are. It is surprising that given all the hype about SEO you will still find […]

Weblog Usability: The Title Says it All

Being a witty writer is great but when it comes to titles you’d better make your title not just witty but informative as well. A good post title is something that catches people’s attentions. If you are into linkbaiting you know the importance of catching people’s attentions. In my previous post where I cited examples […]

Smart Link Practices

One of the most common mistakes bloggers make is using vague words as anchor text for links. Whether you are linking internally or linking to an outside source it is good practice to use a more descriptive anchor text. There are two reasons why this is is important. The first reason is that it is […]

How Much Do You Know about SEO?

Here’s a fun (for those who know the answers) quiz to test your knowledge about SEO. Tell me how well you did. For those who do not feel like taking the quiz because you know you won’t do that well I urge you to take it since you will learn a thing or two (or […]

Are Your Blog’s Feeds Optimized? Part 2

Aside from offering full RSS feeds and using Feedburner’s features to optimize your feeds other things that you can do to optimize your feeds are: Pick a Feed/Channel title that is relevant to your theme – This is pretty obvious but many still fail to do this. Make sure that the title has important keywords […]