Are Your Blog’s Feeds Optimized?

Everyone knows the importance of optimizing ones website and blog content. What people often overlook though is to optimize their blog feed. This is a huge loss considering that the huge majority of regular blog readers access a blog’s content thanks to the blog’s feeds. So what can you do to make sure that your […]

Alt-Tags: For Spiders and the Visually Impaired

Lots of people underestimate the importance of Alt-Tags. Even though SEO experts time and again stress the importance of Alt-Tags many still do not bother with it at all, or if they use it, do not consistently do so. To be honest, I belong to the inconsistent group. Alt-tags ARE very important. SEO-wise the absence […]

Addressing Duplicate Content: Part 3

Addressing Duplicate Content continued… 7. Indicating your Preferred Domain – Choose which domain you prefer to be indexed: or Both will be fine but it is best (At least Google says so and if Google says it is, then it is. Right?) if you tell them, via the preferred domain feature of webmaster […]

Addressing Duplicate Content: Part 2

Addressing Duplicate Content continued… 4. Be consistent when it comes to internal links – When linking to other pages un your website make sure you use the same format for indicating the links. For example, if you use the link next time in another page make sure you don’t link to the same article […]

Addressing Duplicate Content: Part 1

We all know the dangers of duplicate content and how search engines can penalize you for duplicate content. In my post entitled “Strike that Page from the Index” I discussed one of the ways to address duplicate content and avoid being penalized for it. There I mentioned how you can block some pages from being […]

Strike that Page from the Index

That’s right. Strike that page from the index. More often than not people get so wrapped in up getting ALL of their pages indexed by websites that they commit one of the most common SEO mistakes – having ALL of their web pages indexed. When aiming to be indexed the right approach is to have […]