How Easy Is It To Read Your Blog? (Part 2)

Another question you should ask yourself if you are trying to determine if your blog is an easy read is this: Is your blog user friendly? I am talking about other physical aspects aside from the color scheme. Take for example the size of the font. If your font size is too small, some people […]

Making a Linkable Content

These are the how’s to make a linkable content. Being linkable has it perks, as this will improve your incoming links and link popularity by writing “hot” topics, controversial topics, great news. Now, the question is HOW? Content! Write an article that people would willingly link to. Seek, search, look for a hot topic because […]

Smart Link Practices

One of the most common mistakes bloggers make is using vague words as anchor text for links. Whether you are linking internally or linking to an outside source it is good practice to use a more descriptive anchor text. There are two reasons why this is is important. The first reason is that it is […]

Addressing Duplicate Content: Part 2

Addressing Duplicate Content continued… 4. Be consistent when it comes to internal links – When linking to other pages un your website make sure you use the same format for indicating the links. For example, if you use the link next time in another page make sure you don’t link to the same article […]

Joining Memes: Link Love and Traffic

Memes are one of the easiest and least expensive ways of getting traffic to your blog FAST. Sure paid advertising will get you in the front page of SERPs quickly but you will need to fork out some money each time someone clicks on the ad. Don’t get me wrong. Paid listings are great and […]

Gaining Traffic and Earning thru Blogs

My blog : the QuickStop has been receiving steady traffic for the past few months and lately I’ve noticing that my Google Adsense clicks have been receiving a steady amount of clicks a day. I now I earn about $2-$5 a day at my blog it’s small compared to the big players but heck it’s […]