Five Steps To A Great Blog

You know how important a blog is for your business, so now it’s time to start making sure that you are blogging correctly. A great blog post ensures that people will read it, sometimes more than once, and hopefully share it and keep coming back for more. There are a few things that go into […]

The Link Within

Blog sites will do well to harness the advantages of internal linking as they seek to build a reliable network outside of their sites.  Internal linking may provide benefits similar to those offered by external linking such as helping to improve search engine rankings for the site’s posts and pages.  However, what it primarily does […]

Give Your Blog A Haircut

We all need one from time to time – how often depends on you. I have this friend who keeps his head almost totally shave so he has to have one every week. Personally, I prefer to get a hair cut every month or so. Same thing with blogs – take a look at your […]

Does the quality of your content really matter?

Generating continuous content for your business is now widely recognised as an important part of search engine optimisation. Online businesses need to be consistently producing articles, blog posts, press releases and content of many other kinds too. However, despite the majority of business owners understanding the relevancy of content in an SEO campaign, some do […]

Loving the Link Love

How much do you link to other blogs and websites? Spreading link love is, I think, like good karma. As they say, “What goes around, comes around.” If you spread link love you might not see immediate results but it DOES help your blog in several ways. 1. Ups your user-friendliness – Blogs that mention […]

More Top Tips To Network In Your Niche

Still at a loss as how to create contacts and network successfully within your niche? Do not worry, sometimes it takes a little bit of time and effort to achieve results. The idea is for you to be consistent in your networking efforts and to be patient. In the meantime, do not simply sit down […]