Number of Links: How Much is Just Right?

When it comes to inbound links the rule we all know that the more we get the merrier SEOs will be. Of course that’s assuming that the inbound links are quality/relevant links. We don’t want links from flagged sites (spammers). When it comes to the number of links you should insert per blog entry do […]

No Blog is an Island

Yes it’s true, No blog is an island link,link,link people it’s the best way. But when Linking you have to do it the right way. Just like what Guru taught us on Smart Link Practices. Now, that’s a start also we can start expanding our blog empire or our blog circle of friends by Making […]

SEO and PR

Lee Odden wrote a very interesting post on SEO for Public Relations. Here’s a summary of the important points of the post. 1. People also search for information using news search, which means that we should also the document. 4. Mentioning a keyword/phrase 2-4 times in a 500-word press release is enough. 5. Ranking for […]

Exhanging Links with Similarly Themed Blogs

Last time I mentioned how automated blogrolls are not useful for SEO purposes. Blogrolls using plain HTML is still useful but those that use external javascripts do neither you nor the one you link to much good (except that it can of course drive traffic to the site). If you want to get more inbound […]

Blogrolls and SEO

When it comes to updating the blogroll, whether to add new blogs or delete old ones, many bloggers actually never come around to doing it often enough. The reason for this is simple, if you have lots of blogs you like managing your linklist can be a headache. It’s one thing to subscribe through an […]

How Easy Is It To Read Your Blog? (Part 2)

Another question you should ask yourself if you are trying to determine if your blog is an easy read is this: Is your blog user friendly? I am talking about other physical aspects aside from the color scheme. Take for example the size of the font. If your font size is too small, some people […]