Google OKs Underscores as Word Separators in URLs and More SEO Tips

Still wondering if you should use dashes or underscores in your permalinks? Worry no more; Google considers both as legitimate word separators. This was announced by Google geek Matt Cutts at WordCamp 2007 yesterday among several other pearls of SEO wisdom he dished out to the WordPress crowd.

Changing Your WordPress Permalinks

When I’m opening a WordPress blog (I’ve done so a dozen or more times), one of the first things I do is to change the permalink structure. “Permalink” (a portmanteau of “permanent” and “link”) means the URL or web address of your blog posts, pages, categories, archives, and so on. When you install a WordPress […]

Are Link Trains the Chain Letters of the Blogging Age?

You’ve probably seen several versions of a link train meme going around the blogosphere. Whether it’s supposedly optimized for certain web applications (e.g. Alexa version 1 & version 2, Technorati, MyBlogLog, Bloglines) or requires some other qualifier (viraltags, your name in your domain name, tech sites only, feed URLs, Z-listers only!), this method of sharing […]

Learn How To Link (and Trackback)

Whether you call it the Internet, the Net, the World Wide Web, the Web, CyberSpace, or even the Intarwebs, one thing is clear: this place is composed of several different websites connected through hyperlinks. Without links, we won’t be able to move from one website to another. Since blogging is a subset of the online […]

PRESENCE is the new black

To have the blogger’s mindset is to analyze and think about the best ways to present, initiate and encourage discussion on ideas that may first appear as irrelevant together and not worth thinking over. In the months I started pushing web content, I unconsciously developed a rather anal-retentive process as to which ideas make their […]

How To Get Accepted Into Blog Directories

Now that I’ve shown several ways to make yourself found in the blogosphere, let’s take a closer look at one of the avenues by which visitors can reach your site. Blog Directories. Trivia: Yahoo!, one of the biggest search engines, started out as a list of links maintained by its creators called “Jerry and David’s […]