Every Blogger’s Dream

For all start-up bloggers, the dream is to be able to one day make the rank of the probloggers that have been spread all over the world today. The path towards becoming a problogger is actually easy if a person would really digest the true essence of a blogger. It is about attracting people to […]

Distinguishing the Difference between Repetition and Keyword Use

If there is one thing that bloggers must watch out for is that of avoiding being put under the category of being a spam blogger. Spam bloggers are people tagged with simply using words as often as they wish without making any sense at all. These repeated words are obviously considered the keywords to which […]

Bloggin about Special Holidays and Occassions

Bloggers would normally think of various ways to write about topics related towards seasonal celebrations such as Christmas and Valentines Day. Reason being is that people would love to know the thoughts and seek advice on certain areas such as things they can do, gifts to buy or special offers that they can possibly consider. […]

Video Blogging and Podcasts Today

Blogging is not primarily focused on purely writing. Bloggers can resort to photo blogs and video blogs as well, two elements that are widely in demand as well today. Vlogging has garnered headway from recent years, most of it coming from the incremental and large demand for video podcasting and downloads towards iPod video devices […]

Learning from Blog Comments and Interaction

Blogging is not mainly a one way stream of blurting out the things that go around in the mind of a person. It is also about inheriting various insights and ideas from another person’s point of view that may or may not share the same belief on certain areas for consideration. Again, most blogs rely […]

Dealing with Blogger’s Block

Similar to writing, a person will find some days a pain in the neck especially when the thoughts in their mind cannot be put into proper composition for blog entries. While these experiences can hinder the momentum of bloggers and writers, they are only natural occurrences. Anyone who takes up blogging will encounter them at […]