Books Every Online Marketer Should Read

Plan on profiting from your blog? If you do you first need to realise that what you are doing is actually a form of online marketing. No matter what kind of blog marketing strategy you employ you will actually be marketing something through your blog in order to make a substantial revenue. That being said […]

No Blog is an Island

Yes it’s true, No blog is an island link,link,link people it’s the best way. But when Linking you have to do it the right way. Just like what Guru taught us on Smart Link Practices. Now, that’s a start also we can start expanding our blog empire or our blog circle of friends by Making […]

Blog SEO: Keyword Tools (WordTracker)

One of my all time favourite keyword tool to use is WordTracker. I used it before I even discovered Google Keyword Tool and continue to use it whenever I need a good analysis of keywords. Note though that when I talk about Wordtracker I am not referring to their Free Keyword Suggestion Toolbecause quite frankly […]

The Blogger’s Guide to SEO

One of the best holistic guide to optimising a blog is Aaron Wall’s Blogger’s Guide to SEO. It is not the most in-depth guide but it covers all the basics (and a bit more) and is written in a such a way that even newbies in SEO will definitely understand. The guide also links out […]

Blog SEO: Choosing Your Keywords

If you have a blog you and you wish to get more traffic you should know by now that even though content is still king there are other things you also need to pay attention to in order to get the amount of traffic you want. The other things I am talking about is of […]

Social Media Shouts to Promote your Blog

It has been established over and over again that the social media is a very useful tool for promoting websites on the internet. One way people like to promote things is by using shouts (called that in Digg called some other thing in other social media sites but you get the idea). The problem though […]