Email Signatures And Blog Promotion

One way by which you can promote your blog is by creating a custom email signature which contains your blog’s URL. I have seen this done by a lot of people. More than placing their name at the end of the email, they add information that the people they correspond with may find useful. It […]

Which Social Network Do You Use?

I don’t know if you have heard of using social web sites for blogging purposes before. I sure have but I didn’t really pay much attention to them. I mean, I barely check my own accounts in various social web sites. It used to be that they were not that many but now, you have […]

Linkbait: How Much and How Often?

We would all love to be such great bloggers that each and every post would be considered by other bloggers worhty enough to mention and link to. Realistically though it is impossible to come up with a post that hundreds or even just dozens will link back to each and every day. If you keep […]

Building your blog brand step by step

Building your blog’s brand does not need to be difficult. However, when it comes to branding you should always remember to exert effort to be consistent with the image you wish to portray or you’ll end up with confused, turned-off, and/or skeptical readers. Branding inconsistencies will make it obvious that the image you’re putting up […]

Tags for Traffic

Want to increase traffic to your blog? I suggest you start tagging your entries. So what are tags exactly? In the blogging sense tags are simply word(s) you use to help classify/categorize your blog entry. For example since this post is about blogs promotion I can tag this as “blog promotion.” Since I’ll also mention […]

Social Media Shouts to Promote your Blog

It has been established over and over again that the social media is a very useful tool for promoting websites on the internet. One way people like to promote things is by using shouts (called that in Digg called some other thing in other social media sites but you get the idea). The problem though […]