Don’t be a splogger

There are times when people might be tempted to try different things with their blogs. With the number of feeds available on the Internet, it’s so easy to actually take them and use them on your own blog. There are people who put up blogs so they could earn. After all, with contextual ads on […]

Adsense and plugins for your blog

Sample of what ad rotator would look like on the admin panel. There are several ways you could add the Google Adsense code on to your blog. Noting the limitations that Google has set for its users (so that the service will not be abused!) you have to make sure that you know where to […]

Adding ads to your blog: Adsense

Adsense is definitely one of the ways you could generate income on your blog. Also you could find other kinds of ads. Maybe like you have a program where people sign up so they could directly have their ads on your blog header or sidebar. Let them decide which space to take or something. In […]

Streams Of Income Through Blogging. Part 3

6. Sales Page No matter what pre-selling technique you use, you’ll still need a sales page that entices people to click through and order. At a minimum, this page should have a great headline, restate the core benefits of your product to the prospect, and follow those up with the features that support your benefits. […]

Streams Of Income Through Blogging. Part 2

2. Blogging the Product In the case of traditional books and e-books, there’s a trend gaining steam where you literally “blog the book.” Blogging on a regular, set schedule is a great motivator to actually get the writing done. It can also take you in new and better directions thanks to feedback, so that you […]

Streams Of Income Through Blogging. Part 1

More and more bloggers are looking to diversify their income streams, rather than having all their eggs in the AdSense basket. Others are just now discovering blogging, and they recognize right away that it is an ideal platform for information sales business models. While it’s possible to sell information products created by others through affiliate […]