Niche Blogging: Make Money Blogging?

We’ve been looking at ways to make money off your blog for a while now. We have been focusing on paid post programs, however. There is another option for you if you want to create a blog can make you money. Have you ever heard of a niche blog? Wikipedia describes niche blogging as: Niche […]

SEO tools for online retailers

Retail is a competitive business and standing out from competitors can be tough. If you specialise in a really popular area of retail such as fashion, you will find it even more difficult to stand out. So how can you keep your company afloat and market yourself on the internet? Using search engine optimisation tools […]

Does the quality of your content really matter?

Generating continuous content for your business is now widely recognised as an important part of search engine optimisation. Online businesses need to be consistently producing articles, blog posts, press releases and content of many other kinds too. However, despite the majority of business owners understanding the relevancy of content in an SEO campaign, some do […]

Social media optimization: Continuity and Change

Social media optimization is getting a lot of attention at present, and especially in relation to how it can complement conventional SEO efforts. The massive audiences which frequent the likes of Facebook and Twitter are proving irresistible magnets to firms. Social media marketing experts are keen to offer their advice on what has become an […]

Blogging is In with the Young

eMarketer Digital Intelligence reported yesterday that, according to BlogHer and iVillage, the generation of Millennials (18-25 yrs) are the most active in the blogosphere. Active defined as both writing and reading blogs with a total of 40.4% of the bloggers belonging to the age group and 30.3% of the readers belonging in the same group. […]

Kindle for Blogs

Kindle, the popular e-book reader from, can now be used to read blogs as well. Amazon has announced that the Kindle Publishing for blogs, which means that we now have an additional platform for our blogs. According to Kindle blogs have the following features: Kindle Blogs are auto-delivered wirelessly to the Kindle and […]