How To Find Top Blogs In Your Niche

We talked about the importance of identifying the best blogs in the niche you are targeting in the previous post. To recap, it is important to do so because you can learn a lot from the best blogs. You can check out what they are doing right – and wrong – and learn from those […]

Determine The Top Blogs In A Niche

Now why would you want to know which blogs are the most popular in a certain niche? I could think of many reasons but off the top of my head, here are some of the more pressing reasons you should know the top blogs in a certain niche. Learn by example The most popular blogs […]

How To Choose Your Niche

So are you ready to start your own niche blog? I believe the first most important thing for you to do is to choose your niche – no brainer, right? Finding the right niche for you to work on may not be that easy, however. There are some things that you need to consider in […]

Another Paid Post Program: ReviewMe

I have featured two paid posts programs recently – both of which I have used personally and I attest to their reliability. There is another platform that I have started using recently. It is called ReviewMe. I heard about it from another blogger who recommended it highly. I didn’t have anything to lose so I […]

Avoiding Becoming an Ad Spam Blog Part 3

To sum everything up I’ve written so far about avoiding being a spammy blog I would say that the key thing is making sure that you still provide quality content more often than sponsored posts. Quality control is the key. Now for the last instalment here are some tips on making sure of your blog […]

Avoiding Becoming an Ad Spam Blog Part 2

5. If you wish to simply dedicate a section of your regular entries to the product/service review/plug you can: put the sponsored section at the very end of the blog post. use a nice separator and clearly to delineate the sponsored part of the post from the regular content. You may even use a heading […]