Using MyBlogLog And Blog Catalog

I talked about how you can use Twitter to attract more people to your blog in the previous post; people who might not even know that you exist otherwise. There are other ways by which you can gain that much needed and much desired exposure for your blog and one of them is by joining […]

Tweet Your Way To More Traffic

Twitter has been around for quite some time and it has garnered a humongous amount of followers. Indeed, it has become so widespread that the core concept has already been “copied.” You now have Plurk and other similar social platforms operating around the same idea. If Twitter has been able to achieve such heights of […]

Self Revelation And Blogging

Remember my post on being too personal in your blog (if there is even such a thing)? Apparently, this line of thinking has also hit other bloggers. It is not just me who has been wondering about personal stuff in blogs. Andrew G.R. over at The Blog Herald wrote something similar early last month. He […]

Is Pay Per Post Worth It?

I have written about pay per post in the past and I am not talking only about the platform going by that name – I am referring to the practice in general. My opinion has not really changed, I still think that it is alright to engage in pay per post practices as long as […]

Your Blog And Pop-ups

I think that pop-ups are one of the most intrusive and most irritating things that you can encounter when visiting a web site. I simply dislike it when I click on a link to visit a blog or a web site and even before I get to see what the site has to offer, I […]

Email Signatures And Blog Promotion

One way by which you can promote your blog is by creating a custom email signature which contains your blog’s URL. I have seen this done by a lot of people. More than placing their name at the end of the email, they add information that the people they correspond with may find useful. It […]