Blogging IS Writing

Blogging is often taken as informal writing. While this may be true, it does not mean that it is okay for a blogger to disregard writing rules. It’s bad enough that Internet sources are not considered as scholarly, and it’s worse that there are sites that prove it right – because of poorly written articles. […]

Blogging with photos

Sometimes a picture is truly worth a thousand words. If you prefer showing off your photography or art skills rather than your words, you can always make a photoblog. A photoblog is a type of blog that gets regularly updated with photos, though it’s not the only content it can have. Offer a bit of […]

Make the Most Out of Post Series – Dos

So you want to keep your readers coming back for more, do you? There are many ways by which you can achieve this result but for now, we are focusing on creating post series so that you can induce your readers to continue following the series and thus, keep checking your blog. Here are some […]

How to be a better Blogger

The Do’s and Dont’s to be a Better Blogger Do — Write What the Readers Want Your main topic, article or posts should always be focused on what the readers would want to read it should be helpful to them like How to Have the Perfect Body, How To Make Lots of Money Online, How […]

My Opinion on Link Baiting

Because of this post on Guru’s post on succesful link baiting it came to me as an idea that there is also one form of link baiting which I do often. I post exagerated articles like this for example : A Day without Coffee at the QuickStop. I know , I exagerated a bit but […]

Add pictures to your Blog

Here’s a cool blog tip. Try add pictures relevant to your post to make it more appealing and more attractive to other readers. If you can add you own homemade video the better. Pictures add dept to your posts makes it more exciting and more true. Although an overload of pictures on your post may […]