Cute Suggestions for New Bloggers

When I started blogging I didn’t know what to do. I asked my cousin to teach the ways of blogging, but to no avail just keeps on laughing and tells me to learn to “use the force my young padawan”. Finally after months of trials and errors finally found a blogging gig and I’m starting […]

Marketing Your Blog: The 4 Ps (Product)

The use of blogs as a marketing tool is increasing in popularity. The funny thing about blogs though is that whether you are using it to simply promote a product, service or company or are promoting the blog itself it is still very important to market the blog properly to get lots of traffic. In […]

Setup A $0.99 Blog With Domain In 2 Minutes

I do this regularly when I need an instant blog for a particularly product or service. Follow the steps: 1. Think of keywords for your blog. Keywords are important because we want our blog to be easily remembered by potential visitors. It is also great for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Figure out what’s apt for […]

Voices Carried Thru Blogging

Blogging has been getting quite some attention lately and the bottom-line of it all is the fact that blogging holds a lot of what a person holds in his mind, mostly expressions he or she holds back most of the time. There is no question that most people hesitate to let their voices be heard, […]

Staying On-Topic When Blogging

For most bloggers, the ideas running in their heads will most likely become distorted due to anxiety and the desire to be able to expound on various topics of concern properly. This is only normal but just like in any activity that they are very much inclined to prove, the need to discipline and take […]

Instant Blogging Mind Rush

The key towards creating sensible blog content is through immediately putting the thoughts in mind into writing. People who use the habit of saving them for later are likely to lose that thought and end up recalling endlessly the series of events that let them to actually putting these ideas into perspective. The spur of […]