Start-Ups with

A blogger would usually be directed towards when they are about to put up and start their blog. A mixture of being exposed to pure blog composition and a little bit of basic html programming, such can be compared to the free website creation offered by websites like Geocities and Tripod. While people who […]

Why go for a hosted blogging service?

This blog has been talking about choosing the hosted blogging service for you. Be it, LiveJournal, or Blogger, there are actually plenty of others out there. But why choose any one of these instead of having your own domain or something? If you are new to blogging, there are things that you might not […]

Blogger (without the beta)

The beta has been removed from Blogger, and it’s finally feature-complete. That means that not only are the interfaces available in a few other languages (French, Italian, German and Spanish so far), it also means the long-awaited ftp support is finally here. Also all new accounts are not created in Blogger beta. New bloggers can […]

Checking out blogging services: Blogdrive

Still on the series of hosted blogging services, let’s take a look at Blogdrive. Signing up for this service is easy too. Some of the good things I saw in this service: Support for multiple blogs maintained by a single person. – If you are the kind of person who likes to blog about different […]

Checking out blogging services:

If you feel like playing around with a WordPress blog but you don’t have your own server, fear no more. You could actually check out the services on There are paid accounts for, similarly to LiveJournal. The basic features of the WordPress blog are here. You also have several themes to choose from. […]

Checking out blogging services: Blogger

Blogger has been out there for the longest time. At first it was Pyra handling it but later on Google bought it and now has integrated other services with it. During the early days of Google Mail, they were giving invites to Blogger users. Nowadays you could even have your own Google Adsense account when […]