Questions to Ask a Web Hosting Service

“But I don’t pay for web hosting,” you may be thinking. The fact is that every blog in existence today is using one sort of web hosting service or another. It’s just that some may not be aware of this fact because the blogging platform that they use automatically host the blog on their servers. […]

Blogging with photos

Sometimes a picture is truly worth a thousand words. If you prefer showing off your photography or art skills rather than your words, you can always make a photoblog. A photoblog is a type of blog that gets regularly updated with photos, though it’s not the only content it can have. Offer a bit of […]

Upping Your Blog’s Loading Time

Wondering why your blog has a slow loading time? A quick and easy way to answer your question would be to speed test your blog. One tool I like to use to do this is Pingdom’s Full Page Test. It is a free toll that helps you determine which portion of your website takes a […]

Domain Name Game

I was reading Jimmy’s post on having your own domain. I agree that having your own domain is a sign that you take your blog seriously or at least value your blog enough to spend a little money on it so you won’t have a .blogspot or .wordpress domain. In the post Jimmy said that […]

Domain Name: A Small Investment with Big Rewards

Thanks to weblog services such as WordPress and Blogger, blogging has become so easy and popular. With the improvements in weblog services even first time bloggers that know nothing of HTML can set up their own blogs in a few minutes and put up their first post. Customization is also no problem since the services […]

Staying On-Topic When Blogging

For most bloggers, the ideas running in their heads will most likely become distorted due to anxiety and the desire to be able to expound on various topics of concern properly. This is only normal but just like in any activity that they are very much inclined to prove, the need to discipline and take […]