Checking out blogging services:

If you feel like playing around with a WordPress blog but you don’t have your own server, fear no more. You could actually check out the services on There are paid accounts for, similarly to LiveJournal. The basic features of the WordPress blog are here. You also have several themes to choose from. […]

Checking out blogging services: Blogger

Blogger has been out there for the longest time. At first it was Pyra handling it but later on Google bought it and now has integrated other services with it. During the early days of Google Mail, they were giving invites to Blogger users. Nowadays you could even have your own Google Adsense account when […]

Checking out blogging services: Livejournal

Thinking of blogging? There are many services out there and you might want to check out some of the commonly used ones. Livejournal (or LJ) is one of the popular ones. There are people who think that it is mainly for the young people but it is not always so. Maybe it’s a perception that […]

Welcome To Blog Tutorials!

Everyone is talking about them… how do you get in on the act? This will be a “no frills” blog, giving you all the info that you will need to create your own blog and make it a successful one. And for those who already know the basics, we’ll be helping you take it to […]