Your Blog And Pop-ups

I think that pop-ups are one of the most intrusive and most irritating things that you can encounter when visiting a web site. I simply dislike it when I click on a link to visit a blog or a web site and even before I get to see what the site has to offer, I […]

“Email To A Friend” Feature

Have you noticed the numerous options that are provided in some blogs after each post? Most of them have buttons for different social bookmarks but others have an “email to a friend” option. This is actually a good idea to implement in your own blog so that people who like your post will find it […]

WordPress Plug-ins

If you blog using WordPress and can’t do something that you want done like adding Sphere-related content at the end of your blog posts you might be surprised to find out that there are already plug-ins available that make it happen. To find good WordPress plug-ins all you need to do is search for “wordpress […]

Check Google Analytics and Feedburner Reports on your WordPress Blog

I’m addicted to checking my Google Analytics Stats and My Feedburner Reports and I mean really addicted I check it whenever I have free time just to see If I made any difference. I know It’s time consuming but with this Plugin you can actually do it with ease. I want a quicker way to […]

Encourage your Readers to Comment

I like reading Jimmy’s Post on Hungry for Comments, I am also addicted to reading comments may it be good or bad left by my readers. It gives me a mushy feeling that I stirred up their emotions in some weird way. Tips to keep Readers Glued by encouraging them to comment… in other words […]

Blog Rush

Unless you’ve been really out of touch in the blogging world then you have probably heard about BlogRush by now. BlogRush was launched only very recently (Sept 15th) but has been making headlines, and more importantly, has been getting a real rush of bloggers signing up and putting up their widget on their blogs. But […]