Blogging Daily or Alternately

It has been a belief that the regularly a blogger would update his site, the better chances that it can be optimized and included in visitor hits. While such is true, the essence still lied in the quality of the blog entry made to the site. It is not merely about entering something for the […]

A Note on Blog Spamming

A spammer who claims to be a blogger can be easily identified. One of the things that can help determine the validity of the claim of the person is through his work. His compositions would usually have no sense at all, and a number of words being used repetitively in one entry are obviously after […]

Don’t be a splogger

There are times when people might be tempted to try different things with their blogs. With the number of feeds available on the Internet, it’s so easy to actually take them and use them on your own blog. There are people who put up blogs so they could earn. After all, with contextual ads on […]

Moderating Comments in WordPress

Sure, everyone hates comment spam in blogs, except the people that perpetrate these “crimes” of the blogosphere, perhaps. Most blogging softwares and packages have their own anti-spam measures, and comment moderation is one of them. This gets to be a bit tedious, though, in case you have to approve (or delete) comments one-by-one. But it’s […]