Blogger Tools: Web Developer Extension for Firefox

Whether you are a new to web development or not, the Web Developer Toolbar of Firefox is definitely one essential tool. Actually, some people learn more about CSS along the way with this tool. Why? You could edit your stylesheet and view the page (with these changes). That gives you time to play around with […]

Feed yourself

Bloggers interact with each other and this could be done directly by commenting on each others’ blog entries or maybe even trackbacks. In any case, it would be great to know what people have been talking about without having to go to their sites immediately. You could do this if you are subscribed to blog […]

Adding Google Gadgets to your blog

The Bloggy Widgets blog has an interesting blog entry about Google Gadgets. Are you a fan of Google? It’s a really cool company. Aside from the really fantastic search engine, they also gave us ways to make blogging and earning from blogging quite easy with AdSense. The widgets they showcase are really nifty and cool. […]

Learning CSS as You Blog Along

We all have preferences and we have certain personality quirks. In order for you to showcase these preferences and quirks on your blog, you would have to know what tools you can use in order to do so. For those who have basic knowledge of CSS, it is quite easy because changing some values here […]

Adsense and plugins for your blog

Sample of what ad rotator would look like on the admin panel. There are several ways you could add the Google Adsense code on to your blog. Noting the limitations that Google has set for its users (so that the service will not be abused!) you have to make sure that you know where to […]

Having an offline copy of WordPress

If you have a blog powered by WordPress, don’t you wish that sometimes you could play around with the layout? Or maybe test some plugins somewhere just to make sure they would be fine before you put them up on your blog. Maybe you’re a problogger wannabe and you would like to improve your blogging […]