Creating your home.php quite easily on WordPress

If you have been thinking of using WordPress as a CMS aside from a blog, or if you just want a static front page on your blog, it’s not difficult. There are actually at least two easy ways to go about this. Method 1: You could try using plugins for the job. One of them […]

Get your favicon!

There are different ways by which you could have a favicon. You could make your own, as I have mentioned in the previous entry. You need some kind of software in order to create .ico files. Well, in case you don’t have the plugin for Photoshop or other apps that let you do that, you […]

Knowing your WordPress theme

The beautiful thing about WordPress is that you more or less have a structured theme, sort of, so you have an idea that certain files will exist like the index.php, sidebar.php, header.php, footer.php, single.php, style.css, etc. These also correspond to the main parts of your WordPress theme so it’s really not difficult to manage. Changing […]

Blog tutorial: Simple tags and Technorati

Would you like your blog entries easily searched on the ‘Net? No problem! It is fairly easy especially with Technorati around. Technorati happens to be ‘watching’ the blogosphere for the latest information on the different blogs. Technorati tags [tag]Technorati[/tag] is nifty because you would be able to see what others have tagged. Others can also […]

Checking out blogging services: Blogdrive

Still on the series of hosted blogging services, let’s take a look at Blogdrive. Signing up for this service is easy too. Some of the good things I saw in this service: Support for multiple blogs maintained by a single person. – If you are the kind of person who likes to blog about different […]

What are wikiblogs?

Wikiblogs are hybrids of blogs and wikis. Wikis are sites that you could easily edit and let others edit as well. Some people actually use wikis as blogs because they do post chronologically. Sometimes wikiblogs are also called ‘blikis’ (a shorter term). What’s the deal? Wikis are easily edited. You could easily create different pages […]