Get Ready to Ride the (Google) Wave

Google Wave has not hit the market yet but, from what I’ve seen in the developer preview, once it does you’d better be ready for one huge ride. Dubbed as the “email as it would be had it been invented today instead of forty years ago”, Google Wave is out to revolutionize the way we […]

How To Find Top Blogs In Your Niche

We talked about the importance of identifying the best blogs in the niche you are targeting in the previous post. To recap, it is important to do so because you can learn a lot from the best blogs. You can check out what they are doing right – and wrong – and learn from those […]

Post-dated Entries in Blogger

Post dating blog posts is nothing new to WordPress users but bloggers who use Blogger will be happy to know that they can now post date their blog entries. The ability to post date entries (or rather lack of ability) has been one of my frustrations about Blogger. I have always used Blogger for my […]

Are You A Blogging Addict? (Part 2)

In the last post, we took a look at something that a blogging “addict” may obsess about – the number of subscribers. Well, here’s another thing that someone with an intense desire for blogging can obsess about – statistics. To be honest, I have gone through this phase a couple of times in my blogging […]

Gadgets A Blogger Needz Part 2

When it comes to tools and gadgets needed to keep a blogger happily typing away, one needs to look no further than the trusty all-in-one cellphone. Sometimes, we think that we may need all these tools: the Flip Video camera for vlogging, or a decent digicam like the Sony DSC series cams. But little do […]

Gadgets A Blogger Needz Part 1

If carpenters have hammers, doctors have stethoscopes, what is the blogger’s trusty tool (aside from the computer)? BlogGurl’s answer: A digital camera.